Because True Love is Cryptographically Verifiable!
This is a proof-of-concept of a decentralised, multi-key-encryption, zero knowledge cryptographic protocol that we have named zkMultiCrush. Additionally, this page uses NO SERVER, stores NO DATA and is completely CLIENT SIDE.
Tell a crush you like them without revealing all your other crushes!
  • Add your name
  • Add the names of your crushes
  • Press the Generate URL button and share the generated custom link!
This custom link contains a military grade ciphertext that encodes your and your crushes' names. People can visit this custom link and enter their names to decrypt the ciphertext. Based on the result of decryption, they're told whether they're your crush or not. Aside from this, no other info is revealed, including the number of crushes (unless they're God or a superpowerful Quantum Computer).
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